Lovely day,: I CAN DO IT !

October 9, 2011


Assalamualaikum , Hi everyone ! Just a short update fer today . I'll get very busy fer almost three weeks . My final exam (PSPM) will be start on Oct 21th and my last paper will be on Nov 3rd . Okay . so it's Oct 9th today and I'd rather be dead knowing that my MUET's speaking test will be in two weeks time , OMG ! I should practice speaking from now .  Okay , I was so nervous right now -,-" Hm , but I would like to share something fer everyone today . If you are nervous , scare , fear , pessimistic or not confident . Just read Surah Insyirah , Its make you feel better especially when you having a big exam . InsyaAllah you can make it through it easily . So , lets practice it from now on . Hee , Okay thats all fer now . I'll update my blog again after my final exam are finish . Wish me Luck , okay ! Gamsahabnida >,<

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