Lovely day,: OMG , sangat cute !

July 25, 2011

OMG , sangat cute !

(Y) Owh My God , Owh My God !! Just now I have been usha a boy's blog , I don't know him but I just click click and click . And sampai aku jumpa blog dea and jumpa benda chumel ny , arhhh chumel gila ! Sumpah chumel gila , lagy lagy bila kita click kat this hamster and automatic makanan dea muncul . Yang paling kelaka tu bila aku gerak gerak kan mouse , dea akan kejar kita . HAHA xD sounds awesome right ? Try laa , mybe some all of you have been seen this before . But well , I'm quite batak person jgak  HAHA >,< Oke , stop laughing at me and keep reading . Btw this Wednesday I had a speaking test , sumpah cuak sial . Thats why laa I'm using English right now . Broken English , right ? Tapi ada aku kesah ? lalala ~

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