Lovely day,: Sorry fer late !

June 14, 2011

Sorry fer late !

(Y) I was eating Sahur as I'm writing this entry . My Gosh ! Memang pedas gila la kn bun sambal bilis ny , Fuhhh --" 

I just want to say Happy Birthday to my beloved sis , Izni Shawaludin . her birthday is actually on yesterday , tapi na buad macam mana line WiFi kat sini like an old turtle la kn . Sorry fer late but it's better late than never , right ?

" Happy belated Birthday bro ,  I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true .May this year be your best ever . Cepat cepat la kawen , aku da ta sabar na ada anak buah ny , HAHA xD " 

Oke , gtg now . Take a bath , K bye :)

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